A Strong and Experienced Fremantle Council

Whilst the Councillors who renominated for Fremantle Council at yesterday’s election may have preferred to have been returned uncontested, their very strong  vote to a man (yes all men) not only gives them a very strong mandate to continue the work they are doing, it sends a loud message to us sitting Councillor’s that we are well and truly on the right track.

Congratulations to the new Councillor elect, Simon Naber you have now become a member of a great team and I look forward to working with you.

Councillors Doug Thompson, Andrew Sullivan, Sam Wainwright and Mayor Brad Pettitt deserve hearty congratulations for running strong elections based on the future of Fremantle, their message was always about what is best for Fremantle.  And thanks to those who contested and lost, what you did was essential in strengthening democracy.

We have a great team and one capable of charting Fremantle into the unknown waters of Local Government reform WA style, because this will be the issue by which this new Council will be defined in history.

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