Lagavulin 16YO


Those who enjoy a malt and read this blog will be aware that it has been quite some time since the last ‘Malt of the Month’.  In fact I misses February due to enjoying it as alcohol free and I never got back on track.  So, many months later I felt July’s Malt of the Month had to be a real hum dinger.  If you only drink one malt whisky, Lagavulin 16YO is the one it should be.  I have previously made the observation that there is no best malt, it’s so much more complicated than that.  Where one drinks it, the company, ambiance and ones mood are all crucial factors.  All that aside this is up there!

The nose is Islay smoke and sea, with overtones of creosote and iodine, the colour is golden.  In the glass the nose quickly broadens and becomes subtle.  Once one weakens and tastes, the flavour is equally subtle and sophisticated.  The smoke and sea are joined by toffee sweetness, the alcohol starts at the side of the tongue and lingers, leaving a satisfying warmth in the mouth and on the lips.  Dominic Roskrow describes ‘cocoa and liquorice, and a rich, deep, growling body, stunning!’ Yes we are still talking whisky.

As for many visitors we visited the Islay ‘Holy trinity’ of distilleries in the same day.  That’s Ardbeg, Laphroig and Lagavulin.  Lagavulin was the Jewel and leaves many fond memories.  Get your hands on some 16YO and feel blessed at being able to enjoy one of the premiere experiences this planet has to offer.

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