King’s Park is always a good place to see Australian Wildflowers in an accessible place.  These pictures were taken in 2014.


Another Metro venue for good Wildflowers is Wireless Hill Park in Melville.  These pictures were taken in 2016

The Wildflower Way through Western Australia’s wheat-belt is becoming famous for spring Wildflowers. These ones were taken around Perenjori in 2016.  This is known as Everlasting Country.

Earlier this year we went up the Brand Highway to Grenough and back via the Indian Ocean Drive.  Being so close to the coast we had to look a little harder for the Wildflowers, but they were there.

Our most recent trip was in September.  The best Wildflowers were at Mingenew, this place has a reputation, so it was busy.  The next shots are from a conservation area called Depot Hill.

A little further out of Mingenue is Coalseam Park.  This is almost like a mini Pilbara.  The scenery is stunning and the Wildflowers are in vast carpets.

A bit closer to Perth is Old Plains Road, running between New Norcia and Toodyay.  You have to get out of the car to appreciate these exquisite, often tiny Wildflowers.

Thanks for looking through these pictures.  I hope you enjoyed them.  We sometimes fail to see the beauty all around is in our state.