Bonjourno Puglia


Getting from Lerwick in the Shetland Islands to Giovinazzo in Puglia was always going to be a logistic challenge. The night ferry from Lerwick to Aberdeen had been booked long ago so the first part of the jigsaw was in place. Flights from Aberdeen offered little options, Edinburgh was the only viable option, and there was a direct flight, but it left too soon to be able to catch it, just by one hour. The next alternative was a very early flight the next day via Milan, with 4 hours in Milan, maybe we could take a quick trip to view the city?

We hitched a lift in the whisky trip car from Aberdeen to Dundee, where we caught the train to Edinburgh. Dundee station was been patrolled by TRG with sub-machine guns; they are taking terrorist threats very seriously. The taxi from the friend’s house arrived just in time to go out for dinner at the local pub to celebrate 2 birthdays. Cake and candles at midnight, a quick nap on a sofa bed and a taxi booked for 3am. We arrived in Milan to be told we could not leave the airport, so a bit of a wait before our next flight to Bari. Bari is a provincial town that does not show her best side to people arriving on the bus from the airport to the train station. A 10 minute train ride finally saw us in Giovinazzo where our airbnb host kindly collected us and took us to our apartment. It was as good as it looked on the web-page we were happy but exhausted. We walked to a restaurant next door for dinner before collapsing into bed.

Next morning I opened my suitcase and found it full of dirty washing. I made espresso coffee, filled the washing machine and we went out on Sunday morning to explore Giovinazzo!