Kulcha puts on entertainment at its best

Season 4 kicked off at Kulcha with a real cavalcade of fine music.  The seasons now start out with a Member’s Night, and Thursday was a very good reason for joining Kulcha.  Tania Walker opened the night with some heartfelt songs penned from personal experience.  After a break and food, Megalight Multicultural hit the stage dancing and had the entire audience enthralled with their African Rhythms.  It was so uplifting.  Catch Tania on Saturday 30th November and Megalight Multicultural at the Sunday Sundowner on Sunday 20th October.

Saturday was a night of Indian food and music.  Gurpreet Singh opened with some fine Tabla playing.  After the break Arthur Gracias played 2 sets of Indo-Jazz.  The large crowd was enthralled by his virtuosity.  The night was a great example of Kulcha at its best.

North West Aboriginal country singer Theona Councillor played on Saturday night and crowd favourites Hot Paprika played the Sunday Sundowner.

What a great start to the season.  You can look forward to 18 high quality concerts before Christmas.  Check out the webpage for the great value program and join Kulcha, you get in for $10 or $15 and can enjoy the best of music and the newly renovated new bar, right in the heart of Cappuccino Strip.

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