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Power Plays

Earlier this week the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) advised there could well be power blackouts in the upcoming summer, especially in Victoria. They predict there could be one million households affected by rolling stoppages. These predictions already take into … Continue reading

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Power Plays

  Recently the energy debate in Australia has embraced two concepts that, up until now were pushed onto the fringes by politicians and media alike.  In one week our PM is talking about battery storage and pumped hydro, with media … Continue reading

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Water and Power

Who would think we are in the driest state of the driest country? I just received my latest bi-monthly Water Corp bill, and they clearly think we are not using enough of the precious stuff. My water consumption charges are … Continue reading

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Power Security

Last Wednesday’s power blackouts in South Australia and to a lesser degree yesterday’s in the south west of our state are devastating on several fronts, people have the right to question how-and-why.  It is unfortunate that for South Australia at … Continue reading

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Synergy Natural Power Rip Off

When I first signed up for Synergy’s Natural Power their webpage advised Synergy guaranteed that for every unit of Natural Power purchased at least one unit of renewable energy would by supplied to the grid (SWIS).  The motivation for me … Continue reading

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