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Power Play #2

This morning’s hot media topic is energy security on the back of AGL’s decision to close the Liddell power station in 2022. The government is blaming the opposition and the same old blame game goes on. The decision was not … Continue reading

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AA Debt

The State Election looms this weekend, and I expect everyone is sick of being told who to vote for, so I won’t.  However, I’d like to focus on a crucial State issue that’s had little media – Our State debt. … Continue reading

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Minority Government

There has been a lot of talk about small margins, minority governments and hung parliaments, leading us to the sky falling in and life as we know it ending.  Mr Turnbull says this is because deals need to be done … Continue reading

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Half-Time in the Election Race

As the voting packs hit the letterboxes it marks the half way point between nominating and the count on 17th October.  It is a good time to reflect on the process so far and what should voters look for in … Continue reading

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Global Shift to the Left

The election of left of left Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the UK Labour Party will have great implications for the UK political scene. I expect we will see a resurgence of definitive policy to the left and to the … Continue reading

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ACT to Divest From Fossil Fuels

Yesterday Chief Minister Andrew Barr announced that the ACT will become the first Australian government to divest from fossil fuels. I hope the Abbott Government dwell on this fact every time they attend Parliament in Canberra, and understand where true … Continue reading

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Inequity in Australia-A National Divide

Whilst it comes as no surprise, the latest ACOSS report confirms the rich are getting richer as the poor are getting poorer.  The report; Inequity in Australia-A National Divide paints a grim picture for those on lower incomes in Australia.  … Continue reading

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