Our flight was in the evening so we arranged a late check out. We took a late breakfast with our neighbours and then I went for a walk to the beach. When I returned Cathy was lounging with elevated leg by the pool.

We had lunch and then packed our bags and before leaving we both took a stroll to Kuta Beach for old times sake.  We were lucky enough to witness one more procession before we left.

Someone, presumably the Insurance Company had advised the airport Cathy needed a wheelchair. This incurred substantial delays; at one point I thought we would miss the flight. Apparently the airport required an independent doctors certificate before boarding someone in a wheelchair. Once the paperwork was completed we headed off through the airport, our flight was boarding from the tarmac, so the trip included a bus ride and a hydraulic lift into the plane. The flight back seemed quick and we got through formalities smoothly.

The same friend who took us to the airport ten days previously in the early hours came and picked us up at midnight. What a friend.

When can we go back and finish our holiday? Maybe next year.

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