A tale of 2 scumbags

Today started badly due to two acts of malevolent vandalism, one personal and one political. I went out to my car to find the driver’s door window smashed. The perpetrator only wanted to do harm, as they did not even open the door so theft was not the motive. On reporting the incident the Police advised there was a spate of bicycle thefts in South Fremantle at the moment. Maybe they tried to steal 2 bikes that were close by, but were foiled by the large locking mechanism. If you live in South Fremantle make sure your bike is locked and out of sight.
The other act will have much more far reaching impacts on my life. In this case I do know who the perpetrator is, Tony Abbott. Australia’s climate reputation has been on shaky ground for quite some time now, but his latest outburst will adversely impact on Australia’s global reputation, global trade and global influence. This will cost jobs and growth.
“Primitive people once killed goats to appease volcano gods, we are more sophisticated now but still sacrifice our industries and our living standards to the climate gods to little more effect”…… “temperature rises caused by climate change could be beneficial because “far more people die in cold snaps”. Abbott said all this crap to a Global Warming Policy Forum in London. The two propositions are demonstrably wrong and an insult to all those people who have lost friends and relatives as a result of extreme climate events in recent years resulting directly from global warming.
This vandalism is of course aimed at Malcolm Turnbull who seems impotent to reign in Abbott’s attacks. Well the time has come, Turnbull has to get rid of Abbott, and get rid of him now. I have no wish to be collateral damage in the war between the liberal left and right. If that destroys the federal liberal party, then so be it, they will know whom to blame.
Today I am embarrassed and disappointed to call myself an Australian. So much wealth, yet so much stupid arrogance.

Pic courtesy Mandurah News
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