Power Play #2

This morning’s hot media topic is energy security on the back of AGL’s decision to close the Liddell power station in 2022. The government is blaming the opposition and the same old blame game goes on. The decision was not politically motivated but was made by AGL on financial grounds. The current government are big supporters of the free market and this was a free market decision, AGL do not want expensive stranded assets so decided to close Liddell, much like Engie’s decided to close Hazelwood. The major failing is the reliance on the free market to supply essential, reliable services at an affordable cost.  See Power Plays.
The one shining light is a discussion on adopting an energy policy. Interestingly Fremantle Council is well on that trajectory with the first draft been presented to Councillors earlier this week. This draft demonstrates that a key component missing from the national debate is the need for demand management as well as supply management. The two need to be in lockstep to ensure reliable affordable energy.
Pics: Newcastle Herald & Kev Walker

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