The Last Supper


There were no commitments this morning, so we slept in and took coffee on our balcony, the day was starting to warm up and some long overdue laundry hung out to dry. It was a good time to enjoy our apartment and its location. There had been talk of taking a trip to Trani, but we were a little unsure if it was for the social and cultural benefits, or because it was reputed to have good fashion shops. Given we were flying on budget airlines and had accrues several books along the way we frankly had no space for more cloths. In fact we left a bag of warm cloths used in Orkney and Shetland in Edinburgh to go to a charity shop as we would not need them in Italy, and did not have the weight allowance to take them with us.

I turned on the laptop to check out the bus timetable and do some research on Trani when a flag came up saying ‘Going to Rome Tomorrow.’ That’s a mistake; we were going to Rome on Friday, weren’t we? Probably a glitch with the time zone changes, Australia being 7 hour ahead of Italy. Just to be sure I checked the rail tickets, and it was true we were going to Rome on Thursday, not Friday. We felt like someone had stolen a day from us. Our airbnb host had recommended two restaurants to us; we had thoroughly enjoyed the first, and planned to take the people who had been so generous to us to the other on our last night. Now tonight is our last night, so I set about inviting people and booking a table. I got onto Facebook to confess my mistake and invite people for dinner and sent an email to the restaurant, but was a little uneasy they would accept a booking from an email address ending in au. Not to worry, San Domenico replied and at least the venue was sorted. Facebook messages came in and we were all on track for dinner.

We took a walk around the waterfront and watched a fisherman tending to nets on his boat. We walked further along and I took a picture of some graffiti on an ancient wall, I had seen it earlier but chose to try and ignore it, but eventually I could not.

We had a coffee and granita and then we went back to the apartment to consider how to pack our bags. Cathy went off looking for a hairdresser for us both while I packed and unpacked three times. I took a video of the apartment that is unfortunately in a format not supported by WordPress. By 7:30pm bags were packed, we were both sporting new hair styles and had Prosecco in hand.

We took a diverted walk to San Domenico so we could enjoy the failing light over the harbour, and got there in time to order water, wine and the First Course as our guests arrived. We had good food, wine, conversations and company. They all then returned to the apartment to have a look around and seemed well impressed.

We had intended to walk the couple of kilometers to the train station in the morning, but Roberto would hear nothing of it, he would return tomorrow to take us to Bari for our train to Rome.

The next morning Roberto arrived in time to get us to Bari and gave us a quick guided tour. It’s a large provincial city with extended waterfront and cruise ship in the bay. Roberto also contacted a friend in Rome who he thought may be able to help us, her name was Daniela. We had farewells over coffee at the station cafeteria, then onto the platform to catch our train for Rome.

Franco, Roberto, Angela and Maria made us more welcome than we could ever have dreamed of. I agreed to do some things on my return to Fremantle and they are now coming together. I only hope I get a chance to repay the hospitality I received in Molfetta. I will remember it forever.

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