Tags on the attack

I was deeply upset to read This week’s Fremantle Herald front page (Ex-mayor unleashes), which opened with a comment attributed to Peter Tagliaferri that the current Council is ‘out of control on many fronts’.
Can I remind Peter that I have served on Fremantle Council under both his and Mayor Pettitt’s leadership.  The two experiences were poles apart; the former was a council in deep division, the debate adversarial and the atmosphere toxic.  The latter is a Council that engages in respectful debate, develops and delivers on strategic policies that give Fremantle cause for optimism into the future.
Tagliaferri’s time of being Mayor coincided with the greatest economic boom ever seen in WA, yet no one was investing in Fremantle, in fact businesses were all pulling out.  WA is now in an atmosphere of fiscal constraint, but investment is flowing into Fremantle.  An incredible turnaround.
I am proud of my time serving the people of Fremantle, but recall those first four years as dark times with a popularist Mayor, whereas today I feel like a valuable part of a well-run organisation.  I am happy to debate Peter on any of the rubbish (popularism?) attributed to him in the article.
Peter, so who is your candidate for the upcoming Mayoral election?

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One Response to Tags on the attack

  1. Ruth Belben says:

    Well said Jon.

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