Police State

screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-1-44-18-pmToday I went along to Fremantle Magistrates Court to support and bear witness to people charged over their involvement in trying to save the Beeliar Wetlands from destruction to build Roe 8.  One of my motivations was concern over the very heavy-handed police action, of which I have heard several first hand reports (and seen the bruises).  I wondered if the increased police action, both in numbers of officers and tactics were at their own volition?  Or have State Politicians or the Premiere requested such actions?  Because if the Premiere or senior Ministers have intervened, this represents a break down in the separation of powers between Government and the police, and throws WA back to 1970’s Queensland.
After a 3 hour wait I was prevented from entering Court Room 2 by Serco personnel.  When asked why I was blocked from exercising my Civic Right to attend a hearing I was advised Court Security had made a decision that there could be no observer’s in Court 2, as too many people MAY want to attend, and this MAY disrupt proceedings.
What if Fremantle Council were to apply the same logic?  If no one wants to attend, they are welcome, but if someone does want to attend they would be stopped on the grounds they may disrupt proceedings.
Alas, I am now of the opinion Western Australia has degenerated back into being a police state, and all this for a road to nowhere.  To those in Court today sorry I could not be there, to all of you who were arrested, THANK YOU for your dedication.

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2 Responses to Police State

  1. Roger Garwood says:

    Well put Jon. We do indeed seem to be degenerating into a police state.

  2. Julie says:

    Excellent point Jon, I attended a council meeting at Cockburn chambers recently – there were about 50 members of the public there, all of whom acted impeccably, yet someone had felt the need to have two police officers present. It really is getting out of hand and it’s also insulting

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