Fremantle Citizenship Ceremony

Fremantle’s newest citizens will have the option of becoming Australians at a citizenship ceremony to be held at the Fremantle Town Hall Centre on 26 January 2017.
The ‘One Day in Fremantle’ celebrations on 28 January 2017 will include an informal recognition of the many migrants who have chosen to make Fremantle their home.
“Our Council made the decision to provide the option of attending a culturally inclusive event on 28 January. We are receiving strong support from our community, and beyond, about this decision. This was never about the timing of the citizenship ceremony – it was included in the ‘One Day’ program as we felt that new citizens would enjoy the opportunity to be welcomed to our community at such a large and exciting event,” Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said.  “While the feedback from new citizens was that they would be happy to be conferred citizenship at the ‘One Day’ event, the Federal Government has not supported a ceremony on this date.
“The City will write to all new citizens to inform them of the option of attending the ceremony on 26 January, or the following ceremony on 14 March 2017.
“We welcome Australians celebrating, in whichever way they see fit, the wonderful and diverse place in which we live. ‘One Day in Fremantle’ provides an option that will give families the opportunity to enjoy a whole day in Fremantle, and experience all it has to offer in terms of culture, retail, hospitality and entertainment. With the free world class entertainment on offer, including John Butler, Dan Sultan and Mama Kin, we are confident many people will join us to celebrate everything that makes Australia great.”

Visit One Day in Fremantle for more information

MEDIA CONTACT: Sarah Langley | | 0426 243 738

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