Synergy Natural Power Rip Off

BlueGumEucalyptusFlickrMHedinWhen I first signed up for Synergy’s Natural Power their webpage advised Synergy guaranteed that for every unit of Natural Power purchased at least one unit of renewable energy would by supplied to the grid (SWIS).  The motivation for me was that as more people signed up for Natural Power the more renewables Synergy would generate; a very good thing.  Somewhere along the way this simple equation has been lost, Synergy now has no intentions of developing renewable energy sources.  When a customer buys Natural Power they are delivered black power, and Synergy buys offsets in the form of renewable energy certificates (RECs), this is why when the Carbon Tax was introduced people who bought Natural Power were also charged the Carbon Tax, because the truth of the matter they were being sold fossil fuel generated power.
Yesterday Synergy advised me their Natural Power tariff was going to increase by a whopping 49%.  In these times of low inflation what else would increase in price by half as much again?  This shifted my bill for offsets from $110 a year to $164 a year, yes I consume a relatively small amount of power, on average 6 units a day, the Fremantle average is over double that, with a commensurate increase in costs for those trying to do the right thing.
For me the time had come to stop being ripped off by Synergy to reduce my carbon footprint.  I contacted Carbon Neutral Charitable Foundation and filled out their energy calculator.  The result was an emission of 2.06 tonne per annum for power, with a certified offset cost of $51.50.  Not only is that less than one third of Synergy’s price, but I also know that the offsets go to plant trees in degraded rural land in WA, not to some eastern states banker selling RECs.  So if you consume the average 13 units of power per day and want that to be carbon neutral give Synergy’s Natural Power the flick and buy offsets from CNCF.

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