Petitioned Boundary Change for North Fremantle

The Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB) are looking into an application to change the border between North Fremantle and Mosman Park; this investigation was stimulated by a petition from the required number of people, in this case 250. In effect the border would move from a topographical feature between Buckland Hill and the old industrial sites of One Steel and Tasker’s south to Craig Street and extending to the river shore.

The City of Fremantle is very cognisant of the need to maintain Social, Cultural and Fiscal Sustainability in the Local Government (LG) sector, to this end Fremantle Council and Community supported the recently failed LG reform proposals. In contrast the Town of Mosman Park steadfastly refused to embrace change, preferring instead to join the other so called Western Suburbs in maintaining the status-quo. I mention this because the area under question should be with the LG that has the capacity to serve it best in regards to capacity and budget. In this case that is clearly Fremantle.

The stimulus for the petition no doubt came from residents who do not support the development of the former industrial land to group and multiple dwellings, preferring instead it maintain single lot subdivisions. Fremantle Council understands the continual urban sprawl into one of the worlds 8 great biodiversity hot-spots is unacceptable and as such supports the intentions of the Government’s Directions 2031 document by working towards providing infill development to cater for some of the predicted population growth for Perth. The Council is also of the belief that transitioning from being a car-orientated city to becoming a transit-orientated city will better serve the Perth community into the future in terms of lifestyle and amenity. This transformation is best based on increases in density along transit routes such as rail lines and high frequency bur routes. The density increases lead to higher patronage which leads to better services which leads to higher patronage….. The petitioners assume the Town of Mosman Park will acquiesce to their desire for low density, that remains to be seen, but they are probably right as the Town does not have the capacity in their small planning department to manage the redevelopment of former industrial land in a coordinated way other than to slice it up into small single lots.

At the end of the day, the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) determine changes to planning schemes and are well aware of the aspirations of Directions 2031. It is also salutary to remember that the large apartment block on the old Tasker’s Site on McCabe Street was rejected by the City of Fremantle as being too large; the approval was granted by the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT). There are many forces at play in the regeneration of former industrial sites across the Perth Metro area and North Fremantle is no exception. Residents of the small, but important area under question should seriously consider which Council has the capacity to provide them with high quality services, be that Planning, Infrastructure or Community Services. I know which way I would choose!

See the Advisory Board’s webpage for more info.

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