Have you heard of the Australian Climate Roundtable?

On Monday the Australian Climate Roundtable released a set of Policy Principles for Climate Policy, yet this announcement has rated little mention in the media. Is this surprising given the number of press releases on climate change and the fact that so many of these are thinly veiled lobbying for or against a certain climate initiative? Well yes the Australian Climate Roundtable press release was unique in two regards, both of which should have been seen as very newsworthy. Firstly the Policy Principles are couched in simple terms that everyone can understand, based on strong evidence and do not put the point of view of any business or sector. The second reason explains this, because the Australian Climate Roundtable is made up of such a diverse membership, which comes from influential employer and industry lobby groups, including the Australian Industry (Ai) Group, the Business Council of Australia (BCA), the Australian Aluminium Council, the Energy Supply Association and the Investor Group on Climate Change. Now what makes this so special is that they have found common ground with groups normally at the opposite end of the political and social spectrum; the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), WWF Australia, the Australian Council of Social Service, the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and the Climate Institute.

Australia should sit up and take notice when such a broad-based collaboration of influential groups feels the need to join forces to speak out for our climate when leading up to COP21 in Paris. The whole world needs a resolution in Paris that sets us on the path of serious carbon reduction, don’t take my word for it, take the Australian Climate Roundtable’s word, because somewhere in that group is an organisation that you trust and respect.

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