Road Madness

Yesterday’s announcement that the State and Federal Governments intend to spend $1.575 BILLION dollars on a truck freeway from the Roe Highway to Stirling Highway in Fremantle is the most depressing news I’ve heard all year. It’s depressing because it’s based on false logic, traffic engineers globally acknowledge you cannot build your way out of congestion. It’s depressing because all it will do is shift the bottleneck to North Fremantle, hence solving nothing. It’s depressing because that money should be spent on a high quality Freight Rail connection between Fremantle Port and freight terminals at Kewdale and Forestfield. It’s depressing because while the Abbott Government is throwing money at the truck lobby he is simultaneously ripping money out of social services, climate research, foreign aid, universities, CSIRO and god knows what else.High St truck

Albert Einstein said: We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. Well that’s exactly what these guys are trying to do. Using thousands of trucks to move thousands of containers per annum created the congestion in the first pace, now they want to double that number of containers on double the number of trucks by throwing money at it. What sort of warped solution is that?  What is needed is a new paradigm, that new paradigm is rail, new rail.

Why is Mr Abbott so hell bent on building roads, he just lost the Victorian election for the Liberals by trying to foist a huge road on Melbournians. They rejected him at the ballot box, so he has brought his mega road here, and believe me we do not want it either! We want a cleaver, logical solution to freight transport. Bring on our State Election and let Western Australians send the same message as the Victorians did.

My heart goes out to community groups like Save Beeliar Wetlands and Road to Rail (R2R), they have just had a huge king hit. As container movements from the port escalate over 1 million Fremantle will be come hostage to a truck freeway don’t dare cross it and there will be no way round it. Still the truckies hope they can save up to 9 minutes on a trip from Kewdale to Fremantle so it must be worth it!

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One Response to Road Madness

  1. Barry Healy says:

    On December 16, the WA Minister for Education announced that Hamilton Senior High School and South Fremantle Senior High School are being merged to form a new public secondary school on the current South Fremantle HS site. It was not mentioned, but that will allow the Hamilton Senior High School land to be used for an on-ramp for the Perth Freight Link freeway.
    The next day, on December 17, Colin Barnett announced that the Perth Freight Link construction is to start in 2016.

    The expanded Fremantle Council area, which was to be done via an amendment to the boundaries is now to be an amalgamation. All the existing Councillors will be sacked and an administrator will be appointed.

    That means that the existing Council refusal to voluntarily hand over the A Class Reserve on High Street, which stymies the freeway planning, could be overturned undemocratically.

    This is what is meant by “whole of government” planning. The government operates as a conspiracy against the people and the planet, in the service of capital.

    The federal and state levels of Australian government are aligned on bulldozing the freeway and delivering profits to their big business mates. The WA local government level of the state, which is unreliable for them at this moment, is being conveniently eliminated for the duration.

    The Perth Freight Link is part of the central project of the Abbott government, which is the paving of Australia with roads and the annihilation of sustainable development in this country.

    Many people, when they recognise the scale of the state forces pushing the freeway proposal, despair and say that nothing can be done. They feel weak, small and powerless.

    We need to build a nation-wide opposition to Abbott’s project. Such an opposition, by confronting the whole method that Australian capital has chosen for its next mode of accumulation after the mining boom, will of necessity be dramatic. There will be arrests, there will be gaolings and there will be repression.

    If our opposition is successfully built then it will precipitate a political crisis both state and federally. The stakes are the bringing down of the Abbott government or the end of sustainable development in Australia.

    It isn’t enough to just say “No” to the roads. We must have a positive alternative.

    The Beyond Zero Emissions group has developed a sustainable plan for infrastructure development in Australia. We want zero of Abbott’s roads, we want 100% of Beyond Zero Emissions.

    Recognising the scale of the power involved in trying to destroy the environment just shows us the scale of the fight that must be waged and the scale of the victory that must be achieved.

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