What Happened While I Was Asleep?

As I recover from 2 weeks of pneumonia I am dwelling on some of the media reports that washed over me in that period.

Internationally I was saddened to hear that yet another country is slipping into violent anarchy.  Ukraine’s government steadfastly wants the country to align with Russia, whilst the population wants to move towards Europe.  What is worrying the rhetoric of solidarity with ‘rebels’ saying they are happy to give their lives to get the democratic outcome they want.  This is chillingly similar to the lead up to the humanitarian disasters in Tunisia, Egypt and Syria, I truly hope this disaster can be averted.

The Warsaw Climate Summit resulted in the economy usurping science.  It’s official, profits are more important than addressing global warming.  The global commitment to fight climate change is now fighting for its life.  Australia received several Fossil Awards, one for the country that was most effective in undermining positive negotiations.

Australia being caught out bugging the East Timorese Cabinet meetings to give a commercial advantage to Woodside in the Timor Sea gas negotiations barely raised a comment, probably because there were several other bugging storeys being reported on at the same time and our political elite and media do not really take East Timor seriously.  The push for ownership of resources was also ratcheted up with Russia staking claims on oil and gas in the Arctic Circle, an area considered by reasonable people as out of bounds.  But simultaneously China was landing Jade Rabbit rover on the moon, with one aim of investigating minerals that China may mine for earthly use.  This is even more worrying than Russia’s push for the Arctic.

Back in Australia coal export facilities are being approved at both State and Federal level while at the same time UNESCO is asking Australia why the Great Barrier Reef should not be put on the endangered list, another triumph for profit over science.  Meanwhile the recriminations started over who was responsible for GM to decide to stop making cars in Adelaide.  I have nothing to add to my comments in August.

Here in Fremantle the winner of the Kings Square design competition was announced as Kerry Hill Architects.  See a fly-through of their proposal here.

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One Response to What Happened While I Was Asleep?

  1. Dale says:

    Hi Jon
    I am sorry to hear you have been unwell. I hope you are recovering ok

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