Whisky of the Month-Oban 14YO

While in the UK recently I did manage some relaxation times, one of those was when my brother-in-law brought out a bottle of Oban 14YO.  In style it fits neatly between the Smokey island malts and the lighter sweeter highland ones, so it’s a good social drop.

The distillery is in its namesake town of Oban, which is a ferry and rail terminal.  It’s a beautiful location with the distillery right in the centre of town, immediately below Mc Caig’s Tower, which is a folly to Greco-roman architecture.  In taking the short walk up to the tower one discovers civic gardens and a stunning view across the bay.

We arrived in town at lunch time, an hour before our booked tour, so we had a pint and haggis pakoras in the local pub.  Oban distillery is small with only 2 stills, but is now owned by multinational liquor giant Diageo.  This becomes apparent when one starts the tour with a corporate video.  Now I have nothing against videos, but I did not travel half way around the world to watch one on the distillery, I wanted the full experience.  The tour was also managed to within an inch of its life, but I enjoyed the tasting.

The 14YO is finished in Sherry casks so has a fruity nose.  The initial pallet is light, but builds up in the mouth to a big smoky finish.  It’s a fine whisky stacked full of character, just like the town.

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2 Responses to Whisky of the Month-Oban 14YO

  1. My mouth is watering 🙂

  2. My mouth is drooling 🙂

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