Cockburn withdraw their support for LG reform

Apparently a protest today on the steps of Parliament House organised by Cockburn Councillor(s) attracted about 200 people.  They are concerned that Minister Simpson’s submission to the Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB) shows Cockburn divided between Melville, Fremantle and Kwinana.  All very well you may say, but consider the Minister’s recent comments in Parliament related to ratepayers’ money being inappropriately used to fund campaigns :  “It concerns me that we are going down the road of talking about communities losing their libraries, community centres, the RSL and the like, In fact this is a blatant lie“.  The City of Cockburn newsletter, Cockburn Soundings, is full of such stuff.  Businesses also received a letter from Mayor Howlett in the same vein.  In a spam email, Deputy Mayor Reeves-Fowkes says Cockburn is “the only council willing to stand up to Barnett”.  That really is a turn in the tables.

Meanwhile, the City of Fremantle is pleased with the Minister’s submission and hopes the LGAB give it due consideration.  At the moment the LGAB is in its preparatory stages, then it will then consider all submissions and bring down a recommendation.  The State Government then has the option of either accepting that recommendation, or rejecting it.  There will be an opportunity for the public to make submissions in early 2014.

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