Birthday Party

KulchaKulcha is celebrating its 30th Birthday, and you are invited.

Last night’s opener was full of atmosphere and people.  The night played on above South Terrace till many below had gone home.

Guest artists included Gupreet Singh, Fado Bica and Grace Barbe and of course  Linsey Pollack.

Earlier in the evening the whole of South Terrace was dancing to Ozmosis the Catalan Street Band.

Tonight you cTara-size-1-340x450an see Hot Paprika, Tim Andrews, Hassan Yousseff and belly dancer Alma Sarhan.  Of course Linsey Pollack will be back and you can also listen to the enchanting voice of Tara Tiba singing ancient Persian songs (left).

Get yourself there for the stupidly low price of $15 for members and $25 nonmembers.  You see it makes sense to join!  Special now on $100 for 2 people for 2 years.

Come up the stairs next to Dome for the best Birthday Party ever.



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