Fremantle’s Future

Tomorrow (Tuesday 1-10-13) is a very significant day for Fremantle, it is the day Council will decide on our future.  It is not an exaggeration to say the implications for this decision will map out Fremantle’s future for the long term.  We have the option to accept the State Government’s proposal for Fremantle, to become just another suburban place, or we can fight for Fremantle to continue to be a funky urban centre, a place of consequence.  Yes it is that important!

Fremantle’s vibe will not survive conglomeration as proposed the State Government, it’s as simple as that.  Check out Why I’m Fighting for Freo on Rachel Pemberton’s blog for a good summary of the reasons.  The deadline for Council submissions to the Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB) is Friday.  Community groups such as Fremantle Forever have a little longer.  The LGAB is the body that will asses all the information submitted to it and make a recommendation to the Government on boundary reform.  We have to convince the board that Fremantle is special, as metropolitan Perth’s second city, Port and cultural hub, and cannot be subject to the one size fits all Government model.  Council has employed experts in the field Planning Context to compile our submission which can be viewed along with the Agenda for tomorrow’s meeting at Council’s webpage.

We are also less than 3 weeks out from a Council election.  Candidates and their helpers are pounding the streets dropping leaflets and talking to the community.  It is my opinion that it is essential for the survival of Fremantle that this election is contested with LG reform as the central issue, because all other issues pale into insignificance in the face heavy handed clumsy reform proposed by State Government, these particular eggs will never be unscrambled.  I urge voters to scrutinise candidates positions on the reform process and reject outright any who support the Governments proposal over Councils, because to support them, for whatever reason, will herald the death of Fremantle we know and love.  No other issue, or issues should take precedence over getting the reform boundaries right.  I will also take a dim view of any candidate who chooses not to attend tomorrow’s meeting, to stay away is to show they do not understand the first thing about the office they aspire to.

Please come along to tomorrow’s meeting, make your views known, and show support a future for Fremantle as a vibrant urban city as opposed to just another suburban place.

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