Nominations are in for Fremantle

The nominations are in for Fremantle’s Council election.

Crs Coggin and Wilson were elected for East Ward and Beaconsfield unopposed.

Sitting members are challenged by Matthew Hansen nominating for North Ward against Cr Thompson and as Mayor against Brad Pettitt.  South Ward sees Cr Sullivan challenged by Claudia Green and Hilton’s Cr Wainwright is challenged by Frank Acocella.

City Ward is where the real action will be.  Cr Grey Smith chose not to re-stand,  but there are 4 candidates for this position.  Mark Woodcock, Steve Cooke, Simon Naber and Rowen Miller.

Crs Pemberton, Waltham, Fittock, Massie, Hume and myself have 2 more years left on out terms.

Local Government elections in Fremantle are conducted by post so it is very easy to be engaged.  Find out about your candidates then vote, they deserve that from you as acknowledgment of the commitment they have made in standing.

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