Council Election Nominations Close Tomorrow

Nominations for Western Australia’s local government elections close this Thursday, 12 September, at 4pm.
Whilst in some ways it is easier for sitting Councillors (such as myself) if existing candidates get back in unopposed, after all we have developed good working relationships, I am a fan of Democracy, so like a good election.  Yes I know we have just had one, and non-too inspiring at that, isn’t one a year enough you could ask.

Having being elected unopposed two years ago, and elected after the fight of my life in 2005 I can tell you it feels much better to experience the will of the people and claim success only after the vote has been counted.

So, if you are contemplating standing for Fremantle, or any other Council get your nominations in before 4:00pm tomorrow.  See for details.

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One Response to Council Election Nominations Close Tomorrow

  1. belinda says:

    You’re doing a great job Jon!

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