I have resisted commenting on the lead up to tomorrow’s Federal Election, but at 5 to midnight election promises have sunk so low I cannot stay silent.

The Liberal Party is promising to cut Foreign Aid to allow them to balance the Budget.

In promising to cut $4.5 Billion from Foreign Aid Mr Robb Said:

‘So we have to cut the growth in foreign aid, to fund Australian infrastructure because the stronger the Australian economy, the more generous we can be in future.’

So the Liberal’s view is that as one of the world’s richest per capita nations we still do not have enough money to help others!  What bollocks.  The Millennium Development Goals commit Australia to contribute 0.5% of our annual budget to Foreign Aid by 2017-2018, a target that Labor is struggling to reach, but is still committed to.

Save the Children say the cost to save an African child’s life when they are suffering from diarrhea is $4, and $20 will provide home birth kits to prevent the high child mortality rates currently being suffered.  Just do the maths yourself!

Shame on all Federal Liberal candidates for supporting this assault on human life and dignity.  I now know which candidate I will be putting last when I vote tomorrow.

If the Liberals are successful tomorrow I will commit $100 to Save The Children as an offset to the lowest election promise I have ever heard.

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