What Are Your Important Election Issues?

As we shoot down the greasy pole towards a Federal election I frankly despair at some of the issues considered important in the country I love to call home.

I missed the leader’s debate, and from all reports I missed nothing, definitely not a debate.  So what are the fundamental issues for Australia that we should be debating?  Can I suggest the following list as a good starting point:

  • What is our role in the future of SE Asia?
  • How can we reduce our per capita carbon footprint?
  • Is our role of deputy to USA and engagement in associated international conflicts right for our future?
  • Is a defense budget based on extravagant supersonic planes, submarines and bling hardware right for our challenges?
  • How do we deal with the health challenges of the future and how do we allocate funding?
  • How do we fund education to secure our clever country aspirations, whilst giving the whole community a good education?

I trust you get my point, and surely can add your own items to the list, but what do we hear in the media?  Apparently the economy is the only issue of any importance.  Why are wealthy people so fixated on money?

We are one of the wealthiest countries in the world, the wealthiest state in that country, with a fine climate and a great community.  Please, for once lets stop thinking about our personal wealth and consider how we can make Australia, and the world a better place in the future, a better place for our children and grandchildren.

I have suggested going to Vote Compass to shift the focus, but please lets break this nexus of greed and use all methods we can to tell our political leaders we want equity and social justice in Australia, before more money.  Only then will our quality of life improve markedly.

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