Feed-in Tariff Scandal

The State Budget announcement that the Treasurer and Premier intend to renege on feed-in tariff contracts made me very angry.  I am one of the homeowners who signed a contract with the State Government to supply Green Power into the grid, but my anger is not based on how much this decision will cost me, my anger is about things far more important.  Firstly it is about the integrity of our politicians.  I have a deep interest in democracy and how it operates, so when elected officials abuse their positions and their electorate I become very frustrated.  Years ago there was a billboard on Stirling Highway in North Fremantle that read: Politicians should be frightened of the people, not the people frightened of their politicians.  Hear! Hear!

Secondly, this is an attack on those working to reduce our carbon footprint by undermining community confidence in installing PV cells, to the benefit of coal based power suppliers.  3 years ago on this Blog I raised concerns about the changes to feed in tariff, just follow the link.  We have all, community and government alike, got to commit to reducing our carbon footprint, and this announcement so undermines that obligation.

There is some light (presumable LED) at the end of the tunnel.  Firstly, Solar Citizens got a petition up and running in lightening time.  Do follow the link and sign the online petition.  Secondly, Peter Abetz has come out to fight this in the party room.  All power to you Peter and your push for ethics in State Politics.

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