Response to Herald’s Front Page

This week’s Herald front page ‘Demolition Derby Looms’ was obviously written with passion and commitment, great to see.  I agree with much of the sentiment, but unfortunately the attacks on Mayor Pettitt and the Fremantle Council are ill founded.  Fremantle Council has engaged fully with the process and is as disappointed with the outcome as the Herald editor is.  If attacks borne out of frustration are valid they should go fair and square to Premier Barnett for his disingenuous “There will be no forced amalgamations” and the President of WALGA, Mayor Troy Pickard whose latest communication to councillors says “Wide ranging structural changes to WA metropolitan Local Government is closely aligned to the model preferred by the majority of the sector.”  Wrong!

The letters pages are an interesting mix on the subject, there are those who welcome the announcement on the grounds Fremantle Council has not done enough to revitalise the City, whilst there are still those who feel the Council’s economic development strategies have been too kind on developers in regards to height and assistance.

Fremantle Council was an active member of the G20 group that addressed the call for a reduced number of Council head on and supported their plan that had Fremantle extend to Stock road to the east and the old South Fremantle power station to the south.  It beggars belief that the Premier chose to disregard that work, and hopefully enough of the G20 can be encouraged to stand our ground.  The arrogance that accompanied the announcement regarding LG border changes and how they will be forced onto the LG sector and communities harks back to the Charles Court era.

Dear Editor, if you do not like the reform announcement and what it holds for Fremantle’s community I urge you to get your paper behind the community backlash in the hope these draconian measures will be overturned by voter action.  Attacking those who have worked for the best outcomes for Fremantle is a knee jerk, but counterproductive response.

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