Welcome To Fremantle, If You Can Afford To Get Here!

Two announcements this week have conspired to make Fremantle less attractive to interstate and overseas visitors.  I have written before about the high cost of getting from Perth airport to Fremantle, and the need to address this issue.  This week the State Treasurer preempted some of the bad news from the soon to be announced Budget, including the postponing of the much needed heavy rail line to the airport.  Shortly afterwards the Fremantle Shuttle announced it is ceasing their Fremantle service.  Frankly the budget conscious traveler will not shell out the $70 to get to Fremantle by taxi, their only option.

Hopefully the situation is now so bad that Transperth will be motivated to provide an airport service.   This could be as simple as a shuttle service to the heavy rail at Oats Street Station or as comprehensive as a new circle route linking activity centres, including Fremantle with the airport.

FIFO workers can use the long term carpark or kiss and drop facilities, but the poor tourist has Hobson’s Choice, the Perth Shuttle or a $70 taxi ride to Fremantle, and to add insult to injury they will also be slugged an additional 10% for paying with a credit card.

Welcome to Western Australia.

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