Capacity Crowds at Fremantle Events

GYUTO PHOTOS 2013009Last night I was privileged enough to welcome the Gyuto Monks to the Fremantle Town Hall, for their Harmonic Chanting Performance ‘Echoes of Enlightenment’.  It was uplifting to see a capacity audience in the beautifully decorated Hall, centring on a completed Sand Mandala of Ghuyasamaja.  Richard Walley set the tone of the night with a moving welcome to country.  As refugees from Tibet, the Monks universal values of loving kindness and compassion are an inspiration to us all, especially in an Australian political atmosphere devoid of those values when it comes to debate on refugees.  I’m sure all the audience will feel attending the performance has enriched their lives.

The bad news was that I had to leave the Town Hall before the performance, but the good news was it was to go to Kulcha to attend the African Union 50th anniversary concert.  This was also a sell out event, but the high-energy performance was a contrast to the serenity of the Gyuto Monks.

African-Union-700x466The event started with Mozambiqueian guitar virtuoso Mahamundo Selimane setting the atmosphere.  High-energy percussion from Senagal with Djibril Diagne ramped up the vibe.  The night culminated with dancing to South African Village Vibe.

It’s a privilege to live in Fremantle and experience such diverse entertainment all in one evening.

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