Local Government Elections

At the end of this post is a piece taken from today’s Department of Local Government & Communities online newsletter.  As you can see there is still no new information on LG reform.

Whilst on face value it seems reasonable to tempt new council candidates to run for what will probably be a short term by saying: and the new councillors will help shape local governments during that process.  The reality will be that for individual Councils and Councillors to have any influence on the future of their jurisdiction those elected would need to have a very good grounding on the history and issues surrounding LG reform.

Those who read this blog regularly will know one of my greatest gripes is the lack of clarity facing LG into the future.  One of the reasons given for initiating the reform process many years ago was the unacceptable time take by LG to make decisions.  Well if slow decision-making is a trigger for a review process, then bring on the review of the State Government and it’s processes.

Extract from “Metropolitan Local Government Reform Update – Issue 08”

Councillors elected to metropolitan local governments in this year’s October elections will be in the thick of the action to bring about major changes affecting Perth and suburbs over the coming years.

The State Government is close to making an announcement on its plans for reforms to metropolitan local governments and the new councillors will help shape local governments during that process.

Nominations for all of Western Australia’s councils open on 5 September and must be lodged by 12 September.

Elections will be held on 19 October

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