Fremantle Council Meeting-Wednesday 24th November

More people attended last night’s council Meeting than I have ever seen in Fremantle chamber before.  Over 150 people crammed into the gallery, with some latecomers leaving due to not being able to get into the chamber.  The reason for this sudden interest in civic matters was the agenda item on the Youth Plaza proposal on Esplanade Park.  While most did speak in support of the item, many as parents and teachers, some also spoke against, voicing concerns of the potential for antisocial behaviour and loss of grass.

The Mayor brought that item forward and the debate was predominantly supportive, Cr Hume and myself tried to get concept 1 up because that maintained the ‘Mound’ in its current configuration, sadly that had little support.  The final motion got up 10 to 1 in favour.

Also on the agenda was ‘in principle’ support for Freo-Farm which had broad support along with the associated motion to scope installing a PV farm on the South Fremantle former landfill site.  The Bike-Plan 2013 to 2017 was approved to go out for advertising, do put in a submission, community engagement is very much appreciated.  Another cycling initiative was the approval for a contra flow cycle lane along William Street from the Spicer’s Car-park to the Civic Centre.  Some Councillors were concerned at the cost of installation, but much of that was due to conditions requested by Main Roads.  This is the first time they have approved such a thing and were being very cautious.

It was a breath of fresh air to have a full gallery, let’s hope next month’s meeting can generate a high level of interest.

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