Kulcha AGM saw smiles all round

Kulcha had its annual AGM this evening, and while AGM’s can be pretty dry affairs I can tell you there was a fair amount of emotion at the South Terrace venue tonight.  In the last year Kulcha has adopted a new business plan that has turned it around, in both the quality and quantity of events hosted and in financial viability.

Kulcha started 2012 with a $70,440 deficit and ended the year with a $102,297 net surplus.  Not bad for an organisation with an annual turnover of just under $1 million.  And in that same year the South Terrace venue has been renovated into a top class space, the organisation has re-branded itself and totally upgraded computer facilities.  Kulcha has also put on world-class events such as Harmony Week’s Oz Concert in Government House Gardens, which in the words of founder Dr Tan was the best Oz Concert ever; and The Ramayana Indonesian Dance Drama for the Indonesian Consul at the Perth Convention Centre and the Pilbara Samba Band community development project.  Kulcha has also assisted several Local Governments to organise multicultural events.  These include the Cities of Mandurah, Canning, Stirling and Swan.

Do yourself a favour, come to a vibrant multiulticultural event at the South Terrace venue, or attend one of the many community events organised by Kulcha.  And if you want a trouble free top quality multicultural event organised, give Kulcha a call, they have the acts and skill to make it a stand out occasion.  Tonight Kulcha’s members had a lot to smile about, and they sure did a lot of that.

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