Sculpture Success

Tonight’s opening of Sculptures at the (Bathers) Beach was a stunning affair.  Congratulations for all involved, especially Joanna Robinson from Kidogo and local artist Tony Jones.  The pieces ranged from sophisticated to quirky to thought provoking, the evening was blessed with a beautiful sunset, and as darkness fell some of the works could be seen in a different light.

Melisa Parke gave an excellent speech, showing a very finely tuned understanding of the current state of the Arts in Australia, WA and Fremantle. She mentioned the National Cultural Policy Creative Australia released yesterday by the Federal Government, I still need to read it before commenting.  Ben Elton attacked the restrictions imposed by the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor on alcohol consumption in public places, and said he had not voted for this so how come it happens, to which the gathering agreed.

For me the standout of the night was a short film on the dream-time story of fire.  It was produced at FTI and shown as a son-et-lumiere on the cliff face below the Round House.  This culminated in Replants burning one of the many grass trees they had installed in the area.  This was a very moving event.

In a world of globalisation where everything is the same from city to city and country to country an event comes along that says we are different, we are special, the launch of Sculptures at the Beach was just such an event, thank you all who contributed to in.

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2 Responses to Sculpture Success

  1. Rob Harrison says:

    Thanks Jon, well written mate, and a big congratulations must go to Joanna and her team for pulling this together. Its am amazing achievement and something to be proud of. Joanna mentioned once that people should just let the artists get on with making Bathers Beach and Arthur Head something special and from this display and the work of the J-Shed Team, she is pretty right.

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