The lead-up to an election can be an appalling experience, with political parties making offers and counter offers in an attempt to secure votes.  For me the whole charade is counterproductive, with support for parties waning with each promise.

However there is sometimes a gem of an idea that is very worthwhile in its own right.  One such election promise is for a centre for Gifted and Talented (GATE) students at South Fremantle Senior High School (SFSHS) and additional funding for the State’s first ‘Future Science Centre’.

Yes, the offer is from the State Labor Party which begs the question ‘will this all come to nothing should Labor not get in?’.  I sincerely hope not.  SFSHS has shown great leadership with its Carbon Neutral program making it the first school in Australia to get NCOS accreditation.  It is a school with an ethos of getting things done.  Their new Maritime Trade School also opens its doors this semester.

I welcome this offer and hope whatever the outcome on 9th March this great idea comes to fruition.

Disclosure: I am a member of SFSHS Carbon Neutral Committee.

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One Response to GATE for SFSHS?

  1. Andrew Sullivan says:

    I certainly welcome Labor’s announcement as it focusses on improving a situation rather than focussing on any perceived negatives. We must also ensure that the comprehensive education needs of a community are not forgotten in the push to provide specialised education streams.

    Two GATE schools in the one district may actually further marginalise those who are neither interested or gifted in science or the arts. The availability of a high level of local intake places for students who shouldn’t have to audition for a place at their local high school remains an important goal.

    It is important for parents who care about community and sustainability to be able to get all of their children into the same local high school.

    Andrew Sullivan, Greens Candidate for Fremantle

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