Day 8 – Home

We woke to the sound of rain.  Looking out across the lake looked very ethereal with the rain on the water and sun in the trees, forests can be so dynamic.  A special treat today was having a full breakfast cooked for us, and a fine meal it was too.  Back on the road we headed north towards Nannup, via Pemberton, but it was not long before we stopped for a walk in the forest.  In Pemberton we went to Warren Vineyard to get some wine, but alas they were closed.

In Nannup we went to Blackwood Wines where Cathy had a coffee and I acquired a case of fine wine.  The road from Nannup to Balingup is the best drive in WA I never tire of it,  partway along we dropped into the Cheese Factory and were treated to a rather cool welcome.  We were offered some tiny cubes of cheese that looked like they had been in their plastic boxes for far too long.  Oh well, we bought some Camembert to be polite, it was the only cheese not encapsulated in plastic!

Ballingup and their scarecrows have fond memories for us, we have had a couple of Xmas in July events there.  I do recall a stall in their field day with baby Llamas, the sign on the enclosure said “For Sale Llama Starter Kit”.  Heading to Perth I usually turn right just before Donnybrook along Ferguson Valley to Collie, where we bought fruit that tastes like fruit from roadside stalls.  Then we went along Mornington Road to Wokalup on the South West Highway.

It was just a short run home from there, the disappointment at the end of the adventure was tempered by the knowledge that dinner was to be in the Copper Chimney, somewhere I have missed during our trip!

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