Day 7 – The South West

Given our problems in getting accommodation in Esperance we took the precaution of booking ahead in Walpole.  I have never warmed to Esperance as a town, but the surrounding countryside is magnificent, especially the coast.  We started the day with a trip along Twilight Beach scenic drive, and that reminded me why Esperance is such a popular holiday place.  Back in town we got the morning coffee and breakfast from the local Turkish restaurant.

I had underestimated the distance from Esperance to Albany so we set of a bit behind the clock.  We had a brief stop in Ravensthorpe, a town on a hill with nose to tail trucks, given the closure of the BHP nickel mine as soon as it was completed was hard on the town, being held hostage by trucks must really rub salt in that wound.

We had a brief stop in Albany and then on to Walpole.  I love this part of the world.  It’s a fantastic combination of farming, forests and ocean connected with some great driving roads.

We had booked Jenny’s Lake bed and breakfast, a place I can well recommend.  The entry is along an avenue of trees and the location is overlooking their own lake.  We took the short drive back to Walpole for dinner at the Top Deck Restaurant, which was very busy and served good food, but everything seemed to come with chips and salad.

Twilight Beach Esperance Jenny's Lake avenue of trees

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