Day 5 – The Nullarbor

When I decided to drive the Alfa back to Fremantle the one daunting aspect was the drive across the Nullarbor.  We had done it once before in the late 1970s and remembered it as a long hot trip.  So today’s news reporting yesterday was Australia’s hottest day on record, and today we set to break more temperature records I started to question the logic of hitting the big N today.

A web search for accommodation on the Nullabor had shown no one place as been better than any other.  The reason is that they were all constructed in 1962 when the Eyre Highway was upgraded to allow people to drive west to the Commonwealth Games and since then nothing much has been done.  I chose to end the day at Caiguna, as all things considered 830km seemed as much as we could do in a day without risking cabin fever.  The next stop would be 160km further on.

The road west out of Ceduna goes through wheat fields similar to yesterday’s, which gradually give way to grazing stations.  We broke the trip with a couple of side trips to the head of the Bight, pictured below.  The good sound system and CD stacker came into their own to serenade us through the journey.

At Border Town the fruit police took away my one green chilli, just as the ones coming into SA had done.  It’s becoming a bit predictable.  Entering WA from SA graphically demonstrated that container deposit schemes really work.  The verges went from being free of bottles and cans to being completely littered.

Eventually we arrived at Caiguna in good time, partly due to the 2.5hrs time difference between SA and WA.  Ultimately the trip was no more daunting than my regular drives to the Pilbara and the temperature never got above 34*C, probably the coolest place in Australia!  The room at Caiguna was much as we expected including a huge crack in the wall, but the Snapper and chips with a Crown Lager were very good.

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