SMRC Recycling Centre Re-opens

Yesterday saw the official re-opening of the materials recovery facility (MRF) at the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC) facility at Canning Vale.  This facility processes the contents of the yellow topped recycle bin and replaces the one which burnt down on the same site three years ago.

The re-build, predominantly funded by an insurance claim, took longer than hoped to get back into operation due mainly to delays in planning approval from the now disgraced Canning Council.  But back it is, and better than before.  The equipment is state of the art in mechanical sorting and bundles up the product into large bales for sale on the open market.  State of the art it may be, but there are still some items in the yellow topped waste stream that causes the operators of the facility concern.  Top of the list is medical equipment containing blood, presumably from home dialysis units.  Anything containing blood should not be put in the municipal waste stream.  The other items are disposable nappies which fools the paper sorter and if not removed can contaminate a bale of waste paper, making it worthless.  Please put them in the green topped bin where they end up processed as compost.

Putting your waste in the correct bin reduces the amount of rubbish going to landfill, which is good for our environment and good for your pocket, because a smooth running waste stream that on-sells product is cheaper to run and reduces your annual rates bill.

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