A great step forward for Kings Square

Tonight Fremantle Council adopted a Business Plan for the development of Kings Square, this will now be offered to the community for their input.  I think this is the most important decision that has been made while I have been back on Council.  In the face of radical Local Government reform it was incumbent on us to secure the future of Fremantle for the people of Fremantle and the Kings Square project is an excellent move in that direction.  Council’s goals are to provide improved core facilities for the rate payers of Fremantle, provide a catalyst for development around the square, provide planning and urban design excellence, while not exposing the City to unacceptable financial risk.

Briefly the sites being considered for redevelopment are the Myers building owned by Sirona Capital, and the existing Council administration building, Queensgate car-park, Queensgate Business Centre and the Spicer’s site car-park all owned by the City.  While we expect to see movement on the Myers building quite quickly, work on Council owned land in the square will be staged until 2017.

I have been working on this for many months and know it will be quite a task to understand all it covers in the 6 week communication process, to assist in this Council will run workshops and set up an FAQ page.  Do become involved and talk to your Councillors about it.

Watch out for adverts and information sessions.

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