South Fremantle Senior High School Graduation

Tonight I represented the Mayor at South Fremantle Senior High School’s year 12 Graduation, held at University of Notre Dame Tannock Hall.  On entering the hall we were entertained by Graduating Student Billy Dana playing jazz on electric bass, very well.  Principal, Geri Hardy spoke of her first day at the school and how she hit the gnarled old tree with her car, the same tree I reversed into a couple of months later.  She went on to observe how the time at the school had flown, and included visits by our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard and the school being granted NCOS carbon neutral status.  The current success of the school can be directly attributed to her inspirational leadership.

Keynote speaker was Tim Kenworthy, CEO of Useful INC, who arrange youth volunteering events, such as beach clean ups and assisting senior citizens with housework and gardening.   They also put on fun events, including welcoming people off a train in Perth station with red carpet and reception committee.  Commuters were congratulated for using sustainable transit and interviewed about their experience.  Useful INC can be seen at and

The evening was all about year 12 in 2012 graduation.  The DUX ATAR was awarded to Ellie Partridge, who also sung the National Anthem and received several other awards.  The DUX VET was awarded to Poppy Steenson, also a multi award winner.  On behalf of the Mayor I awarded the Best Sportsman of the Class of 2012 and Best Sportswoman of the Class of 2012, going to Trevor Dorn and Ashleigh Taylor respectively.

Throughout the evening we were entertained with music from Marcus Friend, Billy Dana, Ellie Partridge and Riley Minciullo.  All pieces were performed with skill and understanding.

Congratulations to all graduating students enjoy your life’s journey.

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