Farewell Deckchair

It is with a heavy heart I report that Deckchair Theatre  has closed its doors at Fremantle’s Victoria Hall today.  This is despite staff, the board and supporters doing all they can to stave off this hard decision.  Their PR cites the changing cultural landscape making it impossible to remain sustainable.  Deckchair has provided us with unique new works of contemporary award winning theatre for 30 years.  Deckchair’s legacy will live on with touring productions of some of their work such as ‘The Magic Hour’ and ‘Krakauer!’

Three of my favourite performances were ‘La Luna’, ‘Bindjareb Pinjarra’ and ‘Krakauer!’, but a host of other productions could be in that list.  They all succeeded because they challenged, entertained and moved audience at the same time.

It is frustrating that in a wealthy City in a wealthy country the Arts remain on a knife-edge.  The strict conditions state and federal funders place on arts organisations stifle inspiration, while private and corporate sponsorships are few and far between.

Farewell and Thank you Deckchair for all you have given to Fremantle since 1983.

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One Response to Farewell Deckchair

  1. Peter Zuvela says:

    I am really saddened about that news Jon 😦

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