Sustainable September

Sustainable September starts today!

Sustainable September is a month when you should try to modify your lifestyle, and be aware of your footprint on our planet.  From little things big things grow and making changes to how we live are a great start to a journey of resilience.

Here are some suggestions for things to do in Sustainable September, not only do they make your life more resilient, they also are fun ways to meet other people:

  •   Rather than drive to the gym, Walk or Cycle.  You never know who you might meet.
  •  Take a trip to a farmers market to buy your produce, not only do you get local produce its also much more fun than trudging round the soul-less supermarket.
  • Plant some veggies of your own or join a community garden like Hilton Harvest.
  • Support Oxfam’s GROW project.
  • If you buy a car get a hybrid or smaller engine
  • If you buy  white-goods get the ones with high energy and water star ratings.
  • Visit the Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta (pictured).
  • Read EarthCare in the Herald (plug) .   All 25 EarthCare articles can be found under the EarthCare Tab on this blog.
  • Join a LivingSmart course.
  • Respond to this post to share good ideas of your own.

Walking, cycling, shopping local and spending time in your garden are all ways to meet your neighbours.  A connected community is a strong community with resilience to survive and prosper.

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