30 years of multicultural entertainment

The success of the Caravan Club over the last two Sundays is heart-warming to me as a board member of Kulcha and I thank all involved for making it such a success, including you the crowd who created such a good atmosphere.  If you have not been along yet come this Sunday from 4pm, its fun and free.

As the Caravan Club raises the profile of Kulcha around town I think it’s a good time to remind you of the work Kulcha does ‘to be a dynamic and inspiring peak body for multicultural arts and artists in Western Australia’  (Kulcha’s Vision from Business Plan).  The Cappuccino Strip venue is an important part of what Kulcha does, but the work goes much deeper, including coordinating and managing a range of community events, such as the Harmony Day OZ Concert entertaining packed-out crowds at Government House Gardens and SBS viewers.  Kulcha also works with Local Governments on multicultural events, recently holding an informal event showcasing their services to Council officers.  The South Terrace venue is also used as an exhibition space for multicultural Artists.  Kulcha provides an agency and advocacy service for performers and also runs skills development workshops and training for culturally diverse artists.

To mark their 30th Anniversary Kulcha is inviting people and businesses to sponsor or make a tax-exempt donation to support them.   To participate contact Kulcha office on 9336 4544, or reply to this blog.  Whichever way you look at it, multiculturalism is good for our society and the arts is an enjoyable way to experience other cultures.  Check out the program for events.  See you there!

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