Letter to Synergy

In last month’s EarthCare I advocated contacting suppliers who inappropriately charged for the impacts of the carbon tax.  I also criticised Synergy for saying they would charge a carbon tax levy to buyers of green power.  I have received my account with a 2.255cent per unit surcharge and as a result I have written to Synergy’s General Manager of Retail.  That letter follows.

Dear Mr Bargmann,

I am contacting you regarding being charged a unit surcharge of 2.255 cents on my domestic power bill for the effects of the carbon Tax.  Given I purchase 100% green power it follows no carbon should be emitted in the generation of my power.  If this is not the case I have for many years been fraudulently charged and have paid for green power when this in fact may not been what you supplied to me.

The argument in the media that you cannot know how the power was generated that you supply to my home is absurd and naive.  Consider the analogy of you depositing money into a bank, then going to another branch and asking to withdraw it and being told you could not have it because the bank cannot be sure they have the same banknotes you deposited.

I contracted you to supply me with green power in good faith, I now ask you to issue my bill in equal good faith and refund the carbon levy you charged me.  While the amount of money involved is modest the principle at stake is very large.


Jon Strachan

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