Fremantle Candidate moves to Perth

Deckchair Theatre’s much-anticipated production about John Curtin, The Fremantle Candidate at the 11th hour has  had to move to PICA in Northbridge.  The result of unavoidable equipment failure at Victoria Hall which is impossible to rectify by Friday’s opening.  I urge Freoites to support this very Fremantle production,  just hop on the train.

My heart goes out to the team at Deckchair who have to manage this move while fine-tuning the production, I know how professional they are and have full confidence this adversity will strengthen this production.  See you there.

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2 Responses to Fremantle Candidate moves to Perth

  1. Sian Roberts says:

    Thanks for your support Jon, we have been working so hard to make sure this show happens! I hope everyone can make the trip and see the show at PICA.
    Sian – Deckchair Theatre

    • jonstrachan says:

      Sian, When I found out on Monday I was in shock. I know you will still do a great production, I am so looking forward to it, but of all your work this one should have been in Fremantle! Jon

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