As I am sure most of you who live in Fremantle will be aware, I guest write for the Fremantle Herald each month with a piece under the banner of EarthCare.  What you may not know is that each and every one of them are available by putting your mouse on the EarthCare tab above.

This month I wrote of price rises attributed to, but not as a result of the introduction of the Carbon Tax.  I mentioned Brumby’s MD Deane Priest who advocated his franchisees put up the price of bread and let the Carbon Tax ‘take the blame’.  He has now resigned over the issue.  My main thrust was to criticise Synergy for Charging the Carbon Tax on GreenPower, something I still feel is reprehensible, far worse than Mr Priest’s indiscretions.  I suggest the chief of Synergy should also resign, or even the Energy Minister, Peter Collier.  Moving onto Alinta, I have just received my online account and on investigating it find Alinta have raised the price of domestic gas on 30 April by 0.98 cents per unit, or 8.3%.  From 1 July they also have added a ‘Clean Energy Charge’ of 0.698 cents per unit, or 4.75%.  While I stress for those who read the detail of their account these two amounts are made clear, those who do not will assume the Carbon Tax is responsable for the full amount, when this is not the case.  It is so easy to find a scapegoat when we do not like price rises, but do be vigilant, as I suspect the amount of increases resulting from the Carbon Tax will be dwarfed by incidental price rises around the same time.

Look out for EarthCare in the first Herald of the month, and catch up on ones you missed by clicking the EartCare tab above.

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