And the winner is….The Hilton Community Centre

Remember the GFC and the Federal Government Stimulus Package?  Yes it was a very messy time in Australia’s political history.  Well, from those beginnings a veritable swan has emerged.

Last night was the annual WA Architecture Awards and there was a special winner.  The winner of the John Septimus Roe award for urban design was Bernard Seeber Pty Ltd for their design for the Hilton Community Centre commissioned by the City of Fremantle, and funded by the GFC Stimulus Package and Fremantle Council.  But there is more!

In the words of Council representative, Phil Gale ‘However the night got better, the project was then considered for the main award The George Temple Poole Award for 2012. I am pleased to also announce that the Hilton Community Centre project was the recipient of this award for 2012‘.

This is a proud moment for Fremantle, Fremantle Council and Fremantle architectural practice Bernard Seeber.  Fremantle is the place to be.

The following pictures of the Hilton Community Centre are the property of Bernard Seeber.

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