Fremantle Town Hall Blessed

Last night Fremantle Town Hall was at capacity for the final Chanting Gift from the Tibetan Gyuto Monks.  They explain their presence on stage is not a performance, but a gift.  Because their chanting is an observance, a path to spiritual peace which they do regardless of there been an audience or not, their gift is allowing us to observe and become part of it.

Richard Walley OBE welcomed the monks and observers to Nyoongar country in his usual moving and respectful way.  The connection between Gyuto and Nyoongar was very apparent both musically and in their historic loss of land.  The Monks of course are exiled from their Tibetan home and live in India.  Many making the very dangerous journey across the Himalayas to escape persecution in their Tibetan home.

I have the greatest admiration for the work of Maureen and Karla for their tireless work in bringing the Gyuto monks to Fremantle each year.  May you both and your team be blessed for you are what makes Fremantle so special.

Today (Friday) is the Monks last day in Fremantle Town Hall where they will finish the sand mandala that the have been working on and then disperse it.  The Monks have been a very welcome sight in Fremantle, cropping up at coffee shops, a Dockers Football match and playing chess in Kings Square.  Fremantle is a wonderful place filled with wonderful people.

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